Julianna’s 1st birthday party!

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WHOAAAA NELLY!!!!!! Yeah it’s been yet another year. Apologies for my lack of blogging. I just had to post up some photos I received the other week from Julianna’s 1st birthday party last month. I still can’t believe a whole year has passed and our baby bear is now a “toddler”. Her personality just bloomed so much these past few months. Never a day passes that she ceases to make me smile, laugh, and gigil (filipino term for the feeling of over excitement). Right this moment she’s carrying around a sofa pillow, throwing it on the ground, then throwing herself on top of it! LOL. What a hoot. Anyway, enjoy the photos from my friend Joey Takes Photos!

 I love how Julianna’s main table looks. Originally, we were going to put her large sheet cake here, but the baker misunderstood our order and ended up giving us a blank cake! Boy was that a surprise! We just displayed Julianna’s smash cake (hence all the space).
Isn’t it cute! It’s from Midori Bakery in Bellevue.
The cupcakes were a hit! Thanks to my cuz Sweet Treats by Dhee !
THANK YOU friends and family for helping decorate and set up!
 Isn’t this the cutest photo?! Cousin Sunshine telling Julianna “shhhhh… not another word!” hahah!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes to Julianna bear! She’s lucky to have such loving YT family from all over the world 😀


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